6 Tips for Building Your Sales Engine When Opening in a New Market

When launching your business in a new market, you need a sales engine that will drive and close business from day one. This can be particularly challenging when moving into a new market because the process, audience and messages may be much different than in your business’ “home” country/region/market. Here are some key considerations for building a sales engine that will drive deals and help you achieve the quick wins that can make your entry into a new market a rapid success.

  1. Get your basics prepared

Before you start any other aspect of growth in a new market, you have to prepare yourself and get all your ducks in a row, as it were. Get your “home base” ready for growth by preparing your team, your investors, and potentially even your customers. You also need to make sure all necessary documents are present and organized – it’s impossible to leap into a new market or prioritize sales without understanding what work it takes to get there and making sure you keep everything put together.

2. Come ready with a plan

Now that you’ve gotten your basics prepared, start strategizing and creating a plan to use. This plan can include targets, dates, data and metrics, as well as other goals and team information. Having an attainable strategy will help you continue to be organized when aspects of your new market feel complicated and stressful. Once you’ve compiled a plan and a list of goals, work to create an audience or customer persona.

When you move into another market, whether that be a new region, country, or even continent, you need to consider that your customers might respond differently to some marketing and sales tactics. Consider any potential communication barriers, any economic factors about the new country you’re launching in, as well as cultural factors. Do your research to find who your target demographic might be, as well as ways to best communicate with them and build a relationship. This will help drive your sales engine and create trust for your brand.

3. Create a strong team

The next step on your plan for success in a new market is to assemble a strong, hard-working team – particularly focused on growing sales. Utilize your HR and hiring resources, or even valued external HR partners, to find sales talent in your new market. Making sure you have a dependable team who, in time, can operate on their own if necessary, is vital to the growth of your business. This comes from the very entry-level positions, all the way to your top sales leadership. Even though this new division of your business might have some differences, work to instill a similar company and workplace culture. Although you want some level of independence, you also want your business offices to work together for mutual growth and support. Having talented leadership can help instill these ideals as well.

4. Build your sales enablement toolbox

Your new sales teams need tools and resources to be successful. Be sure to empower them with the lead generation, marketing aircover and sales assets – from presentations to “sell sheets” to email nurturing – to activate prospects and fuel the sales pipeline. To ensure sales success in your new market, be sure to also provide your new sales team and leadership with a robust CRM solution that helps to automate the sales process and guide them with efficient workflows to move leads through the sales funnel. It is also valuable to set achievable sales targets and monitor sales KPIs to be sure targets are being met and adjusted as you grow deeper into your new market.

5. Measure your success

How can you know if your business is meeting all of the right markers and targets if you don’t measure for them? Utilizing analytics tools can help you keep track of successes and failures for your business; this can help you adjust your tactics to reach new levels of growth for the future.  You can then regularly access how different sales campaigns are going to know where there might be room for growth. Using reviews also help to measure the success of your business and create a culture of employee respect and opportunity. You can empower your employees and executive staff to share thoughts and ideas about the work itself, but also about how a specific team worked together or how leadership handled a situation. This will also help show areas for growth and change within your organization and can lead to more success in the future.

6. Communicate openly

Just because your business is growing in a new market, doesn’t mean it won’t share some of the same investors and audiences. Continue to update your “home base” about how the growth process is going, share important updates, events, data, etc. to keep them in the loop and still invested in the outcome. Essentially, always keep a stream of communication open. This goes for both stakeholders and actual employees of your organization.

Preparing for a launch to a new market can be daunting but consider the points above and utilize them to drive sales for your business. Prioritize growth and communication so that you can eventually build towards a full-powered sales engine. Even though growing a business can take time, by planning and utilizing strategy, you can start making relationships with new customers and bringing in new sales.

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