Recruiting in a Remote Work Era

Heading into 2022 in the United States, workers are in high demand, and given the pandemic’s impact on how people view work-life balance, attracting and keeping a talented staff is more difficult than ever. If your company is looking to hire, the methodology may look a little different than what you have been used to. Before you start the process, you must have a clear and well-thought-out policy or recruitment plan in place. Hiring totally remotely will be a very different experience than hiring in person, and it is your obligation to the organization and potential employees to ensure that you have a process in place that will work. To keep your candidate funnel full, you will need to revise your talent acquisition strategies. With appropriate solutions, you can put into action right now to help your organization successfully recruit, hire, and onboard new employees, allowing your company to continue to attract top talent to fill your staffing needs.

Place Focus on What’s Important to Employees

The epidemic shifted some workers’ priorities, motivating them to pursue a “dream job” or shift to being a stay-at-home parent. While many others made the decision to leave because of how their employer treated them during the pandemic. Employees actually care most about how companies treat them. Multiple indicators are used to assess this, including pay, benefits, and security, as well as possibilities for promotion, safety, and a commitment to equity.

Companies are being held to a higher standard by the general public today. You’re less likely to be productive if you’re worried about your kids, your health, financial uncertainty and paying your bills, and everything else that comes with being human. And we are all concerned about those things. Employees had expected their bosses to take steps to alleviate, or at the very least acknowledge, their worries, and businesses that failed to do so have struggled as a result. A decrease in benefits, a deteriorating work-life balance, or a poisonous workplace culture are among the reasons given by many individuals who intended to leave or did leave their employment.

It’s Not Just About the Money

Since the pandemic, benefits have become more significant, and flexibility has been far more crucially important. What people want isn’t just remote work — it’s flexibility. If you hire the appropriate individuals, they will be able to complete their responsibilities regardless of where they are located.

Hiring is a challenge in general. Major businesses, restaurants, and service providers are struggling to occupy open positions and are facing problems recruiting enough fresh, motivated employees. Some businesses have upped pay, while others are providing $200 to $1,000 in hiring bonuses. 

Part of the issue is that, while financial incentives are a good place to start, a fundamental shift in priorities means it’s no longer simply about the money. Many retail and service staff are quitting for entry-level jobs paying less but provide greater benefits, ongoing professional development, upward opportunity, and respect elsewhere. Today’s employment market is fierce, and to win the war for talent, businesses must establish a strong employer brand that is authentic and consistent across the board. Because there are an excessive number of job openings in the United States right now, companies must be innovative in how they attract and retain talent.

So regardless if you are recruiting employees for remote work or looking for talent in the retail, hospitality, or other service industries, it is unanimous that all workers essentially desire the same outcomes from their employment. Great benefits and flexibility are very highly revered with feelings of understanding and compassion expressed to workers from the company CEO and management. Many may say ‘I’m going to go somewhere I’m valued’ if they are not treated with respect for their health and overall wellbeing.

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