Scaling with Outsourced HR Services

When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts. Developing a consistent and reliable human resources process is one of the most difficult challenges that comes with establishing a successful company.

Whether you’re a growing company, or a large organization seeking a ‘soft landing’ in a new market, scaling up is something that doesn’t happen easily. While critical for your business development, it takes a conscious focus on planning, management and resource mobilization. It also requires a strong team of advisers who can steadily and strategically help you expand resources while generating rapid revenue.

As you expand and scale your operations, there are many areas to consider. First among them: selecting a trusted outsourcing partner. To do this best requires rigorous research and a details strategy for there isn’t a single, universal approach. Because there are many options for HR outsourcing, and services vary substantially, it’s best to identify your goals and strategy first, then evaluate the partner or partners that can best help you achieve them.

HR outsourcing resources can offer a wide variety of services. Select your priority needs before evaluating your partner options. Here are some of the most common services to consider:

  • Payroll and compensation outsourcing services
  • Temporary staffing
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employee counseling
  • Healthcare benefits management
  • Other employee benefits and services
  • Screening candidates and background checks
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Managing the performance evaluation system, and much more

Know When It’s Time for a Change

It’s clearly time to make a change if you don’t have any HR professionals and are still managing your company’s HR on your own. The lack of a dedicated HR person will be felt by your staff as your company grows. It’s unrealistic for you to operate the company and handle the HR tasks, whether they need to arbitrate internal problems or request PTO. It’s worth noting that many businesses also struggle to find qualified candidates when they lack a dedicated HR department. This will also stall your growth.

Even if you have an HR team, it may be time to evaluate outsource options if you have difficulty with recruitment. Approximately 3:4 of businesses struggles to find qualified candidates for open positions — so, if your company is struggling with recruitment, it may be time to rethink your employee staffing strategy and seek outside support.

It’s also time to consider your options if productivity is down. Fast-growing businesses rarely have proper training and onboarding programs in place. During the onboarding process, many businesses do not provide company culture training. Inadequate onboarding can also make it difficult to integrate new employees into your organization. Even companies with the best onboarding programs are looking for new ways to make onboarding more fun, practical, and unique. In fact, the very nature of a good employee onboarding program is no longer what it once was.

Finally, if your company is having difficulty retaining talent, it is often a sign of HR inefficiencies. While you cannot prevent employees from seeking external opportunities, you can make internal changes to create a company culture that prioritizes its employees, thereby reducing turnover.

Human Resource Outsourcing Has Several Advantages

Here are some top reasons successful organizations outsource HR programs:

  • When a company’s growth exceeds the capacity of its current infrastructure, it may seek to outsource HR tasks.
  • Outsourcing HR can be more cost-effective as HR processes can be outsourced to help a company save money in terms of both time and overhead.
  • Payroll processing and benefit administration is a time-consuming and comprehensive process. Processing errors can occur due to a lack of experience in this area. By outsourcing this activity, you are reducing the risk.
  • Compliance with local tax and labor rules, which vary by jurisdiction, is required when entering a new market or region. Working with an outsourcing firm that has knowledge and experience in a specific industry would allow you to stay in compliance with regulations.
  • When working with sensitive information, data security is critical. To keep data secure, a respectable outsourcing business will use advanced systems and software encryption.

A full-service HR department can be provided by HR outsourcing partners or you can opt to just outsource a percentage of HR’s responsibilities. It is not necessary to take a complete strategy to determine whether to outsource or keep your company in-house. In fact, “co-sourcing” is a very viable third alternative in many cases. In this situation, both the outsourcing provider and the corporation would examine their respective strengths and determine what should be retained in-house and what should be outsourced to an expert. This usually results in a much stronger and more pertinent interaction between the supplier and the client.

There are numerous alternatives available, whether you want to outsource individual roles or an entire HR solution. To guarantee you select the proper partner for your human resource outsourcing, you’ll want to perform detailed research. Here, at UnniCo with the highly capable UnniCo Connect HR Strategy, we will custom tailor your human resourcing demands for a perfect fit for your business.