UnniCo and Drummond Join Forces to Drive Brazilian Companies in the American Market

Establishing an international presence is a project that is easily imposed in the minds of business leaders in the pursuit of growth. When the decision is made to expand beyond their borders, they consider opening an office, assembling distribution channels, adapting products, knowing the market, … ultimately, decisions that bring many challenges, particularly without having an appropriate expert support.  

In fact, Christian Stadler, strategic management professor at the Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom, in his publication in Harvard Business states that few companies really succeed in globalization.  “In an analysis of 20,000 companies in 30 countries, we discovered that corporations that sell abroad had an average return on assets (ROA) of less than 1%, in the period of 5 years after the change. It takes 10 years to reach modest + 1% and only 40% of the companies deliver more than 3%,” he says. Operating in another country ends up being way harder than the expected due to regulatory, political and cultural differences. 

On that basis, UnniCo and Drummond Advisors established this partnership to better serve the Brazilian entrepreneurial market with business in the United States with the purpose of solving the major challenges faced by small, medium and large-sized companies aiming to expand their business internationally. 

UnniCo and Drummond Advisors have extensive networks of clients in Brazil and in the USA, in addition to a combined experience of over 15 years in business. Together, they will drive the growth of global organizations through a strong alignment of technology with business objectives, greater transparency in solutions and greater operational efficiency. 

Such union combines knowledge, experience and an extensive portfolio of services already validated by the market, such as: accounting, tax planning, income tax, immigration, Venture Capital, market study, strategic and operational planning, brand establishment, digital marketing, human resources strategies services, among other important services for international success. Everything organizations need to expand their businesses beyond their borders. 

The partnership between UnniCo and Drummond Advisors bring a complete solution to accelerate businesses and simplify their experience in the United States market, combining a team of accountants, lawyers, managers, advisers, salespeople with vast experience in international business and technical expertise; the organizations can benefit from greater security, effective and innovative tools to overcome challenges in an accelerated way.   

Furthermore, Drummond Advisors has a multidisciplinary team with experience and certifications to operate in the United States and in Brazil, which allows for the offer of tax, legal and accounting consulting, ensuring document compliance wherever they take their business.  This provides companies with a broad and complete view of the challenges involved in international transactions, while solving the challenge of integrating several service platforms. 

Bruno Drummond, partner and founder of Drummond Advisors, said: “This partnership has the potential to facilitate sustainable growth opportunities and will be key for the creation of a thriving and competitive market. The long-term relationship between UnniCo and Drummond, based on similar entrepreneurial mindsets, cultures and values, provides a strong foundation upon which we can work together to achieve such goal that we believe can help expand the international market.” 

“Such strategic partnership will provide the agility, speed and knowledge required for the companies to be competitive in the current market,” says Danila Palmieri, Co-founder and COO of UnniCo. “We are happy with this partnership and to be able to offer our clients new growth opportunities. Since it will allow global business organizations to find new income opportunities, acquire operational efficiency and drive business success in the United States and in Brazil.”

“UnniCo is committed to rapid development and continuous expansion,” says Alex Sander Wieczorek, CEO and co-founder of UnniCo. “By joining forces, we will give our clients and Drummond’s clients the opportunity to adapt to compliance international standards with end-to-end rapid growth solutions for global businesses.”  

Are you seeking to become international or conquer new markets? 

UnniCo and Drummond Advisors have a full range of services, tools and networks to for you to take on business opportunities and develop in international markets. Learn more at www.unnico.us and www.drummondadvisors.com.