UnniCo Connect

Outsource your HR – get help with hiring, establishing policies, workforce management, and holistic HR solutions. We also bring professional strategies and technical solutions to your sales and marketing operations. 

HR Solutions

Our HR services come from a merger between UnniCo and the highly capable Connect HR Strategy. Connect HR Strategy brings to the table years of experience creating back office and HR solutions for clients. Buy one service or the whole package—we’ll custom tailor a perfect fit for your business.


Use our extensive industry knowledge to support your business growth and accelerate to new heights.


Need a sales team? We’ll sell your product on your company’s behalf with white label, outsourced sales experts.

Get in Touch

We were hoping you’d make it here. If you’re ready experience unbridled business acceleration, we’re ready to hear your thoughts, concerns and goals – and act, quickly. Phone: (404) 580-3577