UnniCo Cross-Border

We bring solutions to and from international markets.

Experience all of UnniCo’s solutions, tailored for international markets and customized for your business.


Finding the right people is half the battle - let us do it for you. We also help with local laws, guidelines, and procedures.

US Market Expertise

Obtain the market research to help you understand the local industry, where to start selling and at what volume.

Sales Engine

Want to open the market before you even have an official structure in place? We can get you selling right away.

Accounting and Tax

Let us help with accounting services and understanding tax laws - we know every country has a different set of rules.

Marketing Strategy

Adapt your message and marketing campaign for the local market. We can help you fit your brand into your target audience seamlessly.


We have the resources to help you obtain visas and permits to get your venture started.

Get in Touch

We were hoping you’d make it here. If you’re ready experience unbridled business acceleration, we’re ready to hear your thoughts, concerns and goals – and act, quickly.

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