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UnniCo connects growth-minded companies with our pipeline of investors. We partner with companies looking to expand their operations, increase profitability, and expand internationally. We then pair these companies with investors looking to invest in innovation, international business, and “unicorn” companies. If you are an investor hoping to fund the next cutting-edge, global company, join our network today!

International Business

UnniCo excels in the international market. With our global footprint in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa, we know what it takes to bring your business to the international market. Our founders are from Brazil and have expert knowledge about the US market, soft-landing, immigration, taxes, and more. If you want to learn more about how you can expand your business to the rest of the world, check out our international solutions today!


UnniCo borrows its name from the unicorn – a symbol of uniqueness, remarkability, and agility. We chose the name because, in business, being a unicorn is also synonymous with achieving financial success on a grand scale. Not only do we reflect these values in our process – we want our clients to be unicorns too. We are always looking for the next unicorn company. Think yours might have what it takes? Check out our solutions and discover what UnniCo can do for you.

“UnniCo was crucial in helping my business grow. I recommend working with UnniCo if you want your business to succeed!”
Ben Spickard
President - Cycl Digital Strategies
Our Proven Process

The UnniCo Process

A Unique Solution for Business Acceleration. Using a completely unique approach, we’ve got the horse (ahem…unicorn) power to get you unstuck from whatever business challenge you’re facing. It starts with a conversation and ends in us achieving your goal together on an accelerated timeline.

1. A Tailored Partnership
2. Continuous Improvement
3. Accelerated Growth


When you’re ready to venture beyond the barriers of your established organization, we work to implement and accelerate projects around the world in manufacturing, textile, block-chain, fintech and more.


Need HR, Marketing and Sales experience on your team? Outsource your operations and receive an all-inclusive solution which includes top-notch strategies, professional support, and over 50 years of combined experience.


If it’s web-related, we can help—whether you need a modern, responsive website, video production, or are looking to integrate a cutting-edge new software, we can make the transition smoother.

UnniCo Cross Border

Our strength is in the international market. Are you looking to expand your business to the USA or elsewhere? We have experience bringing businesses to international markets and know what it takes to succeed. Experience all of UnniCo’s solutions, tailored for international markets and customized for your business. 


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