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Funding | Capital Raising | Venture Capital | Private Equity | M&A

Ready to go to the next level? Are you looking for money to fund that amazing idea? Would you like to buy or sell a business? How about that JV opportunity? When you’re ready, we work to make your loftiest dreams a reality by finding the money and the right business opportunity for you. And by helping you to swiftly navigate through the whole capital raising, deal structuring, due diligence, and contract negotiation process, with no headaches or surprises. Sounds good? Send us a message to get started!

UnniCo Cross Border

Sales | Operations | Business Development | GTM Strategy | Logistics | Back Office

Ready to go international and tap into that new market? Why not take advantage of the deep market knowledge, back office support, outstanding relationships, solid market access, and a boots-on-the-ground sales team with over 50 years of combined experience that is ready to take care of our client’s needs? Let’s make it happen!


International Trading | Sales | Distribution | Logistics | Customer Support

Do you have a great product or solution? Are you able to meet and exceed the expectations of very demanding markets and customers? We have solid experience bringing businesses and distributing products into international markets and know what it takes to succeed. Are you the one we are looking for? If so, don’t wait to reach out to us!


Marketing | Website Design | Social Media | Collateral Materials | Copywriting | PR

Are you struggling to communicate your message to international audiences? Do your marketing resources rely on Google Translator to produce your marketing material? Would you like your brand to resonate with your target audience and sell more? No more worries, we are here for you. Whether you need a modern, responsive website, mobile app, video production, social media, PR, SEO, collateral materials, or marketing support for your business, we can make it happen – fast. Sounds too good to be true? Send us a message and we’ll show you how to make it happen!


IT Services & Support | Cyber Security | Cloud Services | App Dev

Is your computer or network freezing randomly or slowing down? Have you recently got that blue screen of death? Did you delete that very important email or file by accident? Is your team complaining about how long it takes to resolve a simple hardware or software issue? Are you still waiting for the IT guy to show up and fix it? Don’t give up, we are here to make your problems go away by meeting and exceeding all your tech needs including IT Services & Support, Cyber Security, Cloud Services, Compliance, App Development & more. Reach out to us today to start the conversation!


Reporting Systems Integration | Compliance | Audit Risk Mitigation | Grants Management

Are you running a Non-profit or Community Service Board (CSB)? Is your team drowning in paperwork because that Excel spreadsheet just crashed again? Are you struggling to keep up to date with all the changes in regulation and reporting standards that happen all the time? Could you have a better use of your time than sitting for days preparing for periodic audits? Say no more, we have extensive experience in funding optimization, process automation, reporting accuracy, compliance, audit risk mitigation, and staff management support. Drop us a line and we will make it happen!

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Our Proven Process

The UnniCo Process

A Unique Solution for Business Acceleration. Using a completely unique approach, we’ve got the horse (ahem…unicorn) power to get you unstuck from whatever business challenge you’re facing. It starts with a conversation and ends in us achieving your goal together on an accelerated timeline.

1. A Tailored Partnership
2. Continuous Improvement
3. Accelerated Growth

No matter where you are on your business path, UnniCo can help you with your company’s journey.

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