UnniCo Ventures

Funding | Venture Capital | Private Equity

When you’re ready to venture beyond the barriers of your established organization, we work to implement and accelerate projects by helping you capitalize and structure the best financing available for your business. 

UnniCo Connect

HR Solutions | Payroll | Benefits | Sales | Operations

Need HR, Sales and Operations experience on your team? Outsource your operations and receive an all-inclusive solution which includes top-notch strategies, professional support, and over 50 years of combined experience. 

UnniCo Digital

Marketing | Website Design | Social Media | PR

If it’s marketing-related, we can help—whether you need a modern, responsive website, mobile app, video production, social media, PR, SEO or marketing support for your sales team we can make it happen – fast.

UnniCo Tech

IT Services & Support | Cyber Security | Cloud Services | App Dev

We can meet or exceed all your tech needs for your growing business including IT Services & Support, Cyber Security, Cloud Services, Compliance, App Development & more.

UnniCo Cross Border

Exploring International Markets

Our strength is in the international market. Are you looking to expand your business to the USA or elsewhere? We have experience bringing businesses to international markets and know what it takes to succeed. 

UnniCo EcoSystem Companies

Our Proven Process

The UnniCo Process

A Unique Solution for Business Acceleration. Using a completely unique approach, we’ve got the horse (ahem…unicorn) power to get you unstuck from whatever business challenge you’re facing. It starts with a conversation and ends in us achieving your goal together on an accelerated timeline.

1. A Tailored Partnership
2. Continuous Improvement
3. Accelerated Growth

No matter where you are on your business path, UnniCo can help you with your company’s journey.

UnniCo Blog

Brand Awareness and Attractiveness. Customer Relationship Building.

8 Tips for Getting Your Brand On

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Tips to Avoid Remote Work Disconnect

In our new remote work era, it’s more important than ever to employ best practices and strategies to keep employees engaged and productive. The movement from the prestigious and extravagant… Read…

The Ultimate Guide to Business Development

What specifically is Business Development (BD)? In common usage, organizations may refer to their sales force as BD representatives. Alternately, others, such as GE, use the term BD as a… Read…

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